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We serve you from Beginning to End.

stories are the connection that compels us to make a difference. WE WANT EVERYONE TO see into the heart of what your organization is all about. your church, non-profit, or business has a message AND WE WANT TO HELP you capture youR brand, personality, and mission.


Every message starts with an idea. We can help you turn your idea into a reality through creative brainstorming, storyboarding, script writing, talent and location scouting, and more. We love every part of the creative process and are equipped and ready to see your video project through from concept to completion.

We have been on the client side as well as the provider side of planning a project, and we bring all of that to the table. We want to help you plan every part of your video so that it serves you to its fullest potential. We also want to see you have the most fun planning this project possible.

We offer expertise in shot composition, lighting, and sound so that your message can be seen and heard in the highest quality videos. Every video shoot is different, and we make sure we have the right equipment and crew to tell your message clearly and showcase your brand effectively.

From our 4K High Definition cameras to our drone to our light options, we are constantly updating our equipment and learning. We believe this is a lifelong process and one that requires diligence to make sure that you have the very best equipment and knowledge for your video.

the edit is where your message comes together to meet your goals. Combining all the creative elements, we use video and audio editing, storytelling, music, motion graphics, and color grading to connect your message to the heart of your audience.

Our team looks at your video to see all the technical aspects as well as the messaging. We bring a combination of skills to make sure your video looks great and tells your message well for the platforms you will use.

Every video project and client has unique needs. we know Sometimes those needs are outside the Springfield, Missouri, area. our video production team loves to travel, and we have filmed both nationally and internationally on a variety of video projects.

We are happy to think through your video needs and find the best solution for you. Whether that is a local video, something further away, or anything in between, we are ready to capture your heart and vision on video.

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Meet Our Team

our team has a variety of experience, and we use it to see your vision come to life. We truly believe that each story deserves to be told in an authentic, bold, and compelling video. there is something very unique that happens when your audience can see, hear, and feel your message. Video Production gives you this opportunity to connect in a way that nothing else can give.

as owners Brian and Alexandra touch each video that comes through our company. We use our knowledge as well as that of our other team members to make each experience you have memorable in the best way possible.

Brian has had a passion from childhood to see great stories come to life in a creative and powerful way. With over ten years of experience in professional video production, he has worked on a wide range of projects of many different styles. We now focus on a combination of cinematographic and documentary style video. Brian believes that each video should be beautiful as well as tell your message clearly and compellingly. Whether it’s a wedding film, TV commercial, or vision video, Brian wants to tell your story in a way that’s creative, clear, and effective.

Alexandra is your stereotypical type a personality and brings this attention to detail and organization to each project we work on. she leads project management and marketing. With over seven years of experience, she enjoys partnering with clients on new projects to see them excel from start to finish. She has experience with Small Business advertising, national campaigns, curriculum, events, theme release videos, and more. Her goal is to see your video come together with a clear presentation and an organized message.